About US

We buy firearms from Estates –  Quick Sale CASH in your hand.  Turn your old Firearms into CASH – We’ll buy your ammo, scopes, sights, reloading equipment and supplies and gun leather as well.  Don’t know what it is… our experts will determine that using Blue Book of Gun Values… and put 1/2 to 2/3rds of that value in your pockets.

Please don’t expect to get retail prices for your used guns. Your price will be based on item demand, caliber or gauge, condition, condition, and condition. We all think our stuff is Excellent, but please let us be the judge of that. We are after all experts in this field, and used to grading used guns. I do NOT buy rusty guns. Rust on the outside means it’s likely there’s rust on the inside, and we don’t want to have to repair guns before we can sell them, adding to our cost. But remember NOT to use steel wool, emery cloth, or sandpaper in order to remove rust. It will surely detract from the value… not add to it.

With the ever increasing cost of living today many of us find we need CASH now, and that old 22 rifle or some guns in the closet can turn into gas for the truck, or food on the table.  I buy your guns was created to do just that.   We know that not all of the guns you may have are in perfect condition, however they still have value, and we can give you the best price for your oldies but goodies.